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  • Gold Award Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2011

Our garden “The Call of Nature” aims to promote the world’s most precious resource WATER. 

Contemporary Garden Landscape

At the 2011 Harrogate Spring Flower Show we created an innovative garden design and constructed a show garden which received a gold award, and saw us receiving a lot of press attention, including being featured on TV in Calendar News. Our garden “The Call of Nature” aims to promote the world’s most precious resource WATER. As Landscapers and Designers we are fully aware of the need for water to be freely available, but often little thought is actually given to its value throughout the world. 884 million people in the world do not have access to clean water, whereas in the UK an average person uses 150 litres per day, most of which goes down the drain.

The term creating a “room outdoors” is often talked about in the gardening world; our design turns this phrase around and creates a garden out of a room, specifically the bathroom, where a lot of water is wasted.

Here is the story of our show garden project:

We chose to look at water sustainability, with WaterAid being one the Prince’s main charities. Inspired by an episode of “One foot in the grave” where Victor Meldrew has a plant delivered to his house whilst he is out, telling them to leave it in the downstairs toilet. He comes home to find the plant has been delivered and the instructions followed literally…..the plant is actually in the toilet pan, with soil and everything!

This led to our idea to install a full bathroom suite in the garden, each its own working water feature, including a flushing toilet! Demonstrating the need to conserve water, each feature recycled water which was used throughout the entire garden. The majority of our materials and features were from reclaimed or recycled sources.

The build begins

We arrive on site and find our plot marked out. We begin to construct the base for our garden.

Up at the crack of dawn, as the preparation for our show garden marches on. Everybody is hard at work as the garden begins to take shape.

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