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If the lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that a gorgeous garden truly does add a new dimension to our homes and daily lives. So, if yours is in need of some TLC, now is the time to put your garden design plans into place.

With the right garden design, the outside spaces will become your favourite part of the home. But you must learn to avoid the potential pitfalls too. Here are five to look out for.

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#1. Being too hasty

On the one hand, continually delaying your garden transformation could stop you from ever turning your dreams into reality. On the other hand, though, rushing in is equally dangerous. Firstly, a decluttering session is advised to give you a clear understanding of the space you have to work with. Meanwhile, it’s important to do your research – alone or with an expert – to make calculated decisions rather than quick fixes.

Besides, it’s easier to integrate advanced features like recessed lighting, irrigation systems, and electrical wires now rather than returning to the project later on.

#2. Blocking out natural light

Many aspects of your garden design are totally under control, but the direction that it faces is not one of them. As such, you need to consider when and where you will see sunlight before building your plans around this info. It will help you think about the different sections of the gardens and where key items like tables should be located. Moreover, it enables you to consider the impact that perimeter fencing can have on the garden design.

In some situations, removing large trees (if permitted) can encourage more natural light to enter the garden. Knowing your property and garden is key.

#3. Not researching plant choices

Plants and flowers can beautify your garden spaces to create the relaxed, happy atmosphere that you deserve. Sadly, the wrong choice could severely hinder your chance of seeing the desired results. Testing the soil pH levels can help you select suitable plants for your garden while it’s equally crucial to consider where the sunlight and shade are located within your garden. Otherwise, plants could die.

Furthermore, you must ensure that different plants can cohabit and share an ecosystem and feeding routine. Complimentary colours should be a priority too.

#4. Forgetting Practical Touches

A perfect garden won’t only please the eyes. It will also facilitate a range of activities that allow you to enjoy the outside spaces to the max. A deck supported by rattan furniture is very popular while BBQs, projector screens, and pergolas are some of the commonly used items. The materials, colour schemes, and style should complement the interior design choices inside the home.

If you want a place for sports, home workouts, or sunbathing, integrating those into your garden design strategy will also pay dividends.

#5. Ignoring maintenance needs

The prospect of transforming the garden probably won’t faze you. However, a beautiful garden design counts for little if you cannot maintain the look for years to come. Quick cheats like artificial grass installations will make life easier. Meanwhile, densely populated flower beds will not allow space for weeds to grow. Invest in a power washer to keep decks, patios, and concrete clean with convenience.

You want to spend your time actually enjoying the garden rather than working in it. Opt for low-maintenance solutions and you won’t go far wrong.

Still need help with your garden design processes? Massey Garden Design can complete every aspect from conception to completion with the professional touch you deserve. Call us to learn more today!



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